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The American police, who have garnered a great reaction with their violence against blacks and ignited the protests in the country, remain on the agenda. A police officer in the state of Georgia stopped the car in which a 26-year-old black named Roderick Walker was found, claiming that the taillight was broken. The police told Walker, who was in the vehicle as a passenger, to show his ID and get out of the vehicle. Asking the reason for the incident, Walker was later laid to the ground by 2 policemen. While one of the policemen stepped on him and held him down, the other policeman started punching him. Those moments were recorded second by second with the cell phone camera. Walker’s violence saw that understands girlfriend, “I can not breathe says,” said cameras reflected.

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After the incident on Friday, Walker’s lawyer said in a statement Sheen Williams, the police He said that when he stopped them, he was in the vehicle with the son of his client, girlfriend, 5-month-old child and girlfriend and another passenger. Stating that his client lost consciousness at least twice during the arrest, lawyer Williams denied that Walker had bitten the police. “Unfortunately, the video reveals another incident in which the civil rights of an African-American black person were violated by law enforcement, whose duty was protection first,” said Williams.

Police announced! Başlatıldıtürki to legal and administrative proceedings

announced that the rapid spread of images taken after the dismissal of the police officer who punched Walker. In the statement made by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, it was reported that the police who hit Walker repeatedly were dismissed for “using excessive force”.

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