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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement regarding the words of French President Macron about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In the statement made by the Ministry, “President of France Macron made an arrogant statement, trying to give lessons from the upper curtain, again with his old colonial reflexes. In fact, Macron’s statements are a manifestation of his own inability and despair. The days when they were running freely all over the world are over. We scuttled all their sinister plans in foreign policy, we disrupt the dirty game Macron, every day is brazenly attacked our President and Mr. Turkey with interior angles. Mr. President is one of the leaders elected with the highest rate of votes in Europe. Our President has always taken his power from the Turkish people. The Turkish people and government have always had one heart in the face of such delusions and will continue to do so. It is not for Macron to determine the maritime jurisdiction of any country in the Mediterranean or any other geography. France should take a stand in favor of reconciliation and dialogue, that Greece and the GASC, which take unilateral and provocative steps and take the EU hostage for their narrow-minded interests, will blindly act as advocates. This is also a requirement of our Europeanness and NATO alliance. The President of France, with his individual and nationalist stance, encourages tension and puts the great interests of Europe and the EU at risk. East Mediterranean border region is still moving and not even understanding with France’s colonial Turkey’s partnership in the region, intimacy is a complete inconsistency criticize the foreign policy cooperation and humanitarian and entrepreneur. We leave the helpless situation of Macron, whose support in the public is constantly decreasing, to the discretion of the French people “.

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