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The assault happened last night in Gaziantep Akkent District. Allegedly, Emine-Kemal K.’s son, Muhammed Uğur K.’s ride collided with the bike of their neighbors’ son. The two children had a fight. Later, Muhammed Uğur K. went to the garage of the apartment where their house was located to leave his bicycle.

However, Yüksel K., the mother of the child he quarreled with, and his father Mehmet K. were kicked and beaten. High K. grabbed the falling boy by the hair and slapped him. Mehmet K. hit the slipper he took from the foot of the child in his face. The beating that lasted for minutes ended when mother Emine K. rescued her son after returning from work. The family filed a complaint with the police after taking their son to the hospital and receiving a report of assault.

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“I could not watch images”

said the beatings of security can not monitor the cameras reflected in the images Emin K., “when I arrived in the evening here little girl at the door to me, ‘ They are beating my brother. ”The two friends collided while playing on the bike in the garden. Then the children had a fight. The other child informed his mother. My son is going to the garage to put his bike because he fell.

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At that moment, the mother-father of the other child came in My little daughter saw the incident, called out to the neighbors and told me when she saw me. They were beating my child when I entered. I entered to separate me and they hit me. Neighbors who heard our voice saved me and my son. They hit me against the wall. My child was lying on the ground when I arrived. I can not find anything to say. They also attacked the people who came to call us. We complain about the situation. not live sooner. When it comes to getting the cops images I could look it home, “he said.

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Consciousness I lost my ‘

at the beginning and the backs beaten Muhammet Uğur K., who has traces, said, “We had a discussion with my friend first, I did not extend the incident. When the boy stretched out his mother came running. He swore. Then they went home. So I put my bike in the garage. His mother and father suddenly beat me in the dark. I lost consciousness when something hit my head. They were hitting my mother when I got up and came out in a daze. I have a heavy bruise on my back and chest. I took myself out of my strokes, “he said. The event interfere with neighboring families that they feared harm to their children, they have expressed that they would not in the same environment.

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reflected on the incident memories security cameras

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