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Healthcare professionals, who have been managing the process with great devotion since the first day in the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19), have been working hard to restore patients who have positive coronavirus tests. In the 15-bed intensive care unit at Akdeniz University Hospital, nearly 60 healthcare professionals spend every hour of the day with patients. Healthcare professionals look into their eyes to treat patients.

Hacer Ç, who had a positive coronavirus test, came to Akdeniz University Hospital and was taken to the intensive care unit due to difficulty in breathing. Here, as a result of the great efforts of healthcare professionals, he defeated the coronavirus. Hacer Ç., Whose last test was negative and learned that he returned from the critical threshold, intensive care specialist Dr. During Selman Karadayı’s examination, he said ‘I am not sick, I am very well’ to give morale to healthcare professionals.

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It was emphasized that citizens should be very careful during the humorous dialogues between the patient and the physician. Explaining that he came to intensive care despite taking every precaution against the disease, Hacer Ç. “I’ve been healed. I feel good. Everyone should take care of their health. Here, doctors and healthcare professionals manage the treatment process very well. I thank everyone, “he said.

Dr. Holding the gloved hand of Karadayı, Hacer Ç thanked once again. he kissed his hand in tears. Dr. Hacer Ç, who kissed her hand despite all the obstacles of Karadayı and trying to pull her hand. He said, “These hands have restored us to our health. May Allah be pleased with all of them.”

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