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In this context, it was reminded that with the circulars sent to the provinces before, it was made obligatory to make ticketing after getting the code on Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application for intercity public transportation vehicles (plane, train, bus, etc.)

It was stated that in practice, it was understood from the complaints that some companies engaged in intercity passenger transportation did not abide by this rule from time to time, therefore it became necessary to take the following measures. The measures taken in the circular are listed as follows:

HEPP code will be requested from the customers during all kinds of ticketing transactions (over the internet-phone or face to face) by the companies (bus, midibus, minibus, etc.) will be selling tickets without code.

Minister mites’ Imia kahramanları’ylatürki to

Intercity passenger will be checked HPP code of passengers during transport made vehicles to be passengers on ride vehicle is understood to be any inconveniences passengers can ride the car.

In checking the HES code during both ticket sales and getting into the vehicle; The necessary notification will be made to the law enforcement units and health institutions by the relevant company officials for people with a diagnosis of Covid-19 or who are found to be in contact.

Law enforcement units, especially traffic units, do not sell tickets without HES code and to vehicles with intercity passenger transportation. As a result of the inspections carried out, the governors / district governors will apply the necessary administrative fines to the companies that sell tickets to the passengers who do not have an HES code, and the vehicles that accept passengers without the HES code will be banned for 10 days. .

Deadly game inside the car! causing the death of a friend oldutürki to

The audit results in the Covidien-19 diagnostic or troops, although it has HES code without intercity public transport, as determined by the governor’s people that are determined to have traveled abroad or pension will be subject to compulsory isolation.

Governor / District Governors of the above The necessary decisions within the framework of the stated principles will be taken urgently in accordance with the 27th and 72nd articles of the General Hygiene Law. There will be no disruption in practice and no grievance will be caused.

Those who do not comply with the decisions taken will be subject to administrative action in accordance with the relevant articles of the General Hygiene Law.

Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated under article th.

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betpas önerdiğimiz bir sitedir.

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