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Rinkeby, Fittja, Alby, Husby and Upplansvesby districts of Stockholm, where Turks and Muslims live, racist party members who requested permission from the police to burn the Quran on September 16, carried out the provocation secretly when this permission was not issued.

According to the images in the video they posted on social media, the vehicle in which the members of the racist party was in arrived at the Rinkeby neighborhood center in the early hours of the morning. upon a person in the vehicle fuel spill which Quran Quran was given to fire.

racist members who carried out the ugly provocation walked away quickly at the scene without anyone seeing.

One province does not meet the quarantine decisions 16 people home yerleştirilditürki to

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Provocation of burning the Holy Quran

Last month, the supporters of Stram Course leader Rasmus Paludan, who came from Denmark to Malmö, Sweden, despite the police refusing The Quran burned it.

After the provocation images spread on the internet, the anti-racist group reacted to the incident in Malmö, and the activists blocking the traffic burned tires on the road. Police had detained 3 people who burned the Quran.

Paludan, who was banned from entering Sweden for two years, applied for citizenship of this country to burn the Koran in Sweden last week. .

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