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Iraj Kazemi, an Iranian national, was abducted in Babil Küçükçekmece. The suspects took the businessman hostage by taking him to the address in Eyüpsultan Yeşilpınar District.

While the suspects were torturing the Iranian businessman, they demanded 300 thousand dollars ransom from their relatives. The relatives of the businessman called the police and informed the situation.

The teams affiliated to the Extortion Bureau of the Public Security Branch Office caught the suspects at the specified address and rescued the Iranian Iraj Kazemi Babel who was asked to ransom. Who kidnapped Iranians 7 was referred to the suspects to the court.

Current horror moments describing Iranian businessman Iraj Kazemi Babylon, “I came to invest in Turkey. Wrested the gun from the front of the store at 09:00 am me in the morning. I’ve never tried to put the car Then someone shouted. I resisted, but said, “We are the police.” They forcibly put me in a car. They took me to the basement of a building and beat me by 6-7 people. They let a dog on me. I was tortured for hours. They wanted 300 thousand dollars. I did not accept. When I refused, their pressure increased more. His eyes were turned. I asked for time until Monday. I called my brother in Iran. I asked for 300 thousand dollars. They gave me sugar water so that I wouldn’t faint because they beat me so much. Police raided in the morning. I said help. ” he said.

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On the other hand, an Iranian national Iraj Kazemi Babylonian buffet from leaving two people entering the force reflects the moments the camera is trying to take her arm.

Kaze trying to resist Iraj my There are moments when Babylon returns to the kiosk with the suspects and argues. Later, the moments when the suspects took Iraj Kazemi Babil out by force were recorded on cameras.

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betpas önerdiğimiz bir sitedir.

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