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Under the presidency of the Governor Tuncay Sonel in the city center of Ordu and the district governors in the districts, by the teams formed with the participation of mayors, staff of relevant public institutions and organizations, neighborhood mukhtars, representatives of professional chambers, police, gendarmerie, police and private security officers, General inspections were carried out to cover all areas.

Streets and streets, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, accommodation facilities, shopping centers, market places, coffee house, tea garden, wedding and marriage places, barber, hairdresser in Altınordu district. Governor Tuncay Sonel accompanied the inspection activity, where living areas such as beauty centers, internet cafes, urban and intercity public transportation vehicles, commercial taxis, taxi stands, parks and picnics were checked in terms of corona virus measures.

Disastrous event! A çıktıtürki appeared to jump overboard from the steamship


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To the corona virus measures makes a statement after doing the audit Governor Tuncay Sonel, the mask from Army people asked them properly is essential to wear . Governor Tuncay Sonel said, “Let’s take care of social distance and cleanliness. Compliance with the rules is very important for both our own health and the health of our other citizens. If we follow the rules together, we will defeat Covid-19. Armies countrymen of my mask, I would like especially to show sensitivity in distance and sanitation, “he said.

When staying in the hotel the young girl woke up from the shock of his life yaşadıtürki to

” POSITIVE CASES DURATION does HOME HAD to be quarantined in the KJC ABROAD “ < Underlining that, within the scope of the measures taken against the corona virus, the contacts with positive cases have to spend the quarantine period at their homes, Governor Tuncay Sonel noted that citizens who do not comply with the rules will be quarantined in the KYK dormitories and will be collected from them at their expenses.

Shocked the Rector. mesajlartürki to


“called Fidang street Sirripasa, Solomon spree in İsmetpaşa streets of the coastal strip have banned smoking,” said Governor Sonel, “Our citizens now as of today He will wear his mask, pay attention to distance and cleanliness. He said that he will not take down his mask and smoke, and he will not harm both himself and his surroundings.

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