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The incident occurred in the city center. According to the information obtained, Seyfullah Varlı bought gas instead of gasoline for his car for a year and a half. Remembering that he had been driving his car with gas for a while, Varlı went to the gas station and bought gasoline for the car. When he came to the garden of his workplace, he switched his car, which was working on gas, from gas to gasoline, and the car exploded like a bomb. The automobile, which exploded during the transition to gasoline, started to catch fire from the engine part. With the fire of the car, Varli, who was behind the wheel, immediately threw himself out, Hüseyin Karakoç, who was in the truck parked on the side, quickly walked away with the panic he experienced.

The governorship announced! worked, the other kidnapped the van

After the explosion, Varlı and Karakoç went away in panic, then came to the vehicles. While Varlı was trying to save the car with a fire extinguisher, a factory employee also hijacked the truck belonging to his workplace from the fire. Very short while after the fire deflating the intervention made was determined turns the car’s wiring and tubing.

Location: Istanbul … Motorcycle, family saldırdıtürki in the car

Car bomb as it exploded into flames

It exploded like a bomb and caught fire

The moment of explosion of the car running in a parked state and its burning with fire was recorded in seconds by the security cameras of the workplace. In the images, Varlı was sitting in the car and Karakoç was standing in the truck chassis, and the fear and panic they experienced with the explosion of the car were reflected on the cameras. After the panic, the efforts to extinguish the car were recorded instantly by the security cameras.

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betpas önerdiğimiz bir sitedir.

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