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The M16 rifle used by senior and experienced PKK members was seized from the terrorists detected during routine search and screening activities in the border area in Şırnak Silopi.

Bahçeli: I am behind my statement! The Turkish Medical Association kapatılmalıtürki to

and the gendarmerie, September 17, in Sirnak Silopi in his operation during the night in the border district of terrorist organization PKK, considered assassination being a member of the team was made two terrorists ineffective. It was learned that while terrorists were smoking in the corn field, where they hid in camouflage, they were detected by the UAV, which was conducting search and screening activities in the border area. The M16 rifle used by senior and experienced terrorists in the organization was seized on the neutralized terrorists.

Corona shock before the Beşiktaş match! Flight canceled! A small pair of light sources was installed in a cornfield near the border in. Immediately after the evaluation of this clue, UAVs focused on the region for hours and first detected that two people had been smoking in the cornfield many times. However, as a result of more detailed observations, with the help of the moonlight, it was understood that these people were wearing the camouflage of the terrorist organization PKK and carrying long-barreled weapons with their backpacks. the terrorist organization This person has pressed the button for the operation after ascertained that the PKK members.

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With the ammunition seized right after the operation, it was understood that the members of the organization planned a great and sensational action. It was stated that the M16 weapons were used by senior and experienced PKK members within the organization. In addition to 2 M-16 rifles, 300 bullets, sniper guns, 4 grenades, 7 RPG7 grenades, sight scope, approximately 15 thousand dollars and an action camera were seized in the backpacks of terrorists.


Security experts reported that it was evaluated that they were planning to record the attack of the neutralized terrorists and publish them for propaganda and to give 15 thousand dollars to the collaborators who helped them for this task. It is considered that the target of the terrorist organization may be a state official with a high position that will cause indignation in the society.

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