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The incident occurred on March 8 in Cihangir District. Okan Metin was detained for beating Taha Alper, who has a 76 percent disability report, and was then released by the court where he was referred. Okan Metin, who was detained for the second time with the instructions of the Küçükçekmece Public Prosecutor’s Office, was arrested for “simple injury against a person who could not defend himself in terms of body and spirit” when the reactions after the images taken after the beating grew on social media.

About 6 months The lawyer of Metin, who filed a lawsuit demanding imprisonment up to 1.5 years, appealed to the Küçükçekmece 1st Criminal Court of First Instance, where the case was filed, and demanded a release order. Upon the request of the court, a young person with autism, who was referred to the Küçükçekmece Forensic Medicine Branch Directorate, was given a report “in a position to defend himself in terms of body and spirit”. Upon this report, the court decided to release the defendant Okan Metin on March 23, on the condition that he signed a ban on leaving the country and a police station close to his residence for two days.

The incident that horrified Russia! Dünya

Family, evacuation order and objected to the Forensic Medicine report

The family’s lawyer appealed to the Bakirkoy on-duty Heavy Penal Court against the evacuation decision and the forensic report. Zeliha Yıldırım, the mother of Taha Alper with autism, objected to this decision and reminded that her 19-year-old child was illiterate yet, and that her motor muscles had not developed, and that 76 percent of the patients had a severe disability report from Istanbul University due to attention deficit and mental retardation.

Ebru Şallı: There is a cheek, what am I? The trial started today at the Küçükçekmece 1st Criminal Court of First Instance.

In the hearing, in which a small number of viewers were taken due to the pandemic, the defendant and his girlfriend claimed that the autistic youth harassed by saying ‘Hişt’. At the end of the hearing, which lasted about 2 hours, the defendant was sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment due to the assault, and this sentence was reduced to 6 months considering the mitigating reasons. It was noted that there was no need for the defendant to be arrested, considering the period he was detained. At the end of the hearing, the mother of the autistic teenager stated that she would appeal to the decision with her lawyer. Mother Zeliha Yıldırım could not stop her tears by stating that they were faced with injustice and could not make their voices heard.

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